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May 22, 2018
No Overtime, Just Out-of-Schedule is the New NORMAL!!!
Updated On: Oct 09, 2014

I have received many phone calls recently about a problem that is really upsetting to full time clerks in Orlando stations. Management has found a new tool allowing them to avoid the usage of overtime.


Basically, management is changing clerk’s schedules and paying them out of schedule pay. Out of schedule pay is paid at the rate of 50% of your straight time pay. In a since, it is the same as you getting overtime, but they are only allowing you to work 8 hours instead of you working you over 8 for 1.5 times your base hourly wage. The postal service is using some weird postal accounting practice in which this out of schedule money comes out of another budget rather than overtime hour budget.


The district has given an order to all managers that they will be no or very little overtime and every hour has to be approved in advance. Managers are no longer allowed to make that decision at their own discretion. What allows management to change your schedule can be found in the JCIM, article 8.4. All they have to do is post on the change on the schedule the Wednesday prior to the service week. Let's look at the example below.


Let's say that your bid job has a 0800 reporting time. To use this new method, management will post the schedule on Wednesday, the week prior, and have you report on a Monday at 0900 so they can have you close. By management doing this, you will only work 8 hours. The results are that 7 of your hours will be straight time and one hour will be time and a half. Had you come in at your regular time of 8:00 and work the 9 hours, you would have gotten 8 straight hours and one hour of overtime, time and a half.


In a nut shell, they are screwing you out of one hour of overtime and still using you at their convenience. Guess what? As much as I'm outraged, it's legal. Management is saving money and in return, screwing the employee's.



Sherry Aquino

Director of Industrial Relations

Central Florida Area Local
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